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Worms Ghostface (Driller Killer Recordings 2018)

   There was nights or day when tiredness really strikes you down and you just went home back to your fluffy bed and went for a quiet sleep like a log. Suddenly, without notice – someone creeping in through your unlocked front door and went upstairs nobody can observing who the heck that is as the hooded figure holding a machete comes in your bedroom door like shadow of death describing kinds of terror would brought from this recording horror films reference via The Neon Graveyard as being pulverizing erupts extremely by the group from Las Vegas called Dredge The Lake as these five-piece Metalcore slamming brute- Avant garde breakdowns and experimented melodic Death Metal cravings debuting in fourteen minutes of dangerous moments for the victim to wake up and smell the intruder threats before too fucking late. Blasting riffs and drumming typhoon onto the double pedals manic-moshers keeping the visionary for the tracks written for murderous and torturing like The Final Nightmare, Whispers of a Mannequin, Paprika Seasoning Located in the Upper Right Hand Corner of the Pantry in the Kitchen (sounded weirdy) as well as Crystal Lake Hate Crew for worshiping Jason himself inflicting the perfection of inspired themes for teaming-up James Villa, Sebastian Avera to Angelo Hernandez and co. having helps lend from Courtney LaPlante for courtesy himself dealing with the bloody Knife After Dark session too. Creepy metallic …

The Neon Graveyard: