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World Belongs To Us (StudioCanal 2016)

   Let your children watch and see the following this directed adaptation animated film from the Classics story-telling about the inhabited small rock-island, somewhere in the pacific and meet the rest of the different friends of your funny animal-characters from Tapir named Rosie, the kingfisher Kiki, goat named Scrubby, Carmello the chameleon, echidna named Epi, Pango the pangolin and Mak the scarlet macaw where they’re living in harmony surrounded by clear blue skies, turquoise beach and white sands with lots of delicious food or insects to eat as the island always being kind to them before the boring Mak discovering not its dreamy new world on the horizon but fate sending them the shipwreck after some stormy night accidentally, to their paradise small island – the hunter named Robinson Crusoe and his dog Anysley seeking for lucks somewhere outside England but unfortunately, came along some hungry lower-decks cats around the wreckage. Surviving Robinson Crusoe began to exploring the island as his dog saving a macaw from being eaten by the curios wicked cats and then Anysley convincing Mak that he and Robinson are good friends as the other found out about how friendly Robinson really is as the ragged cats crew attacking plan works on pursuing to tell the lies to the other animals about that human kills their friends while the cats manage to entering Crusoe cabin and setting fire that burns the entire place including Aynsley but Mak survives.
   Cat deception finally realized by the animals and as they’re helping Robinson to build houses and pipeline for the tree-house carrying fresh water supply and a watchtower for seeing ships with willingness to adopted human’s life-style struck down by the ambushed attack again by the cats family led by Mal and May and litters of youngsters using wooden plank and crossing to the bigger island to set Robinson and his friends to oblivion. Surprisingly, Ramin Djawadi has being chosen to compose the (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) for the new version of this classic Robinson Crusoe tales as those cute musical compositions of the interesting orchestra-instrumental might entertaining the audience that following the honest story of the journal of Mr. Crusoe as Another Day in Paradise, The Real Monsters, Paradise Just Got Better, Land Sweet Land, That’s Help In Any Language, I Can’t Leave Him or Wait For The Signal did much awesome atmosphere to opens the imaginative surreal and friendship values among children when got time watching this. The remaining survival animals and Robinson must eagerly, to fight their lives in order to driving the hungry cats far away before they’d someone for meals. The second battle ends with victorious but later the cats found out how to burning the pile of wooden house and almost buried Crusoe alive while passed out. 
The smoke sees by the pirates ship led by Long John Silver who refused to returning him and trying to made Crusoe his crew but Mak helping him with the help of Rufus and Cecil the mice; the hectic chase but comes back alive to the island while the cat family whose snuck-in the raft to pirates ship stuck there. Robinson Crusoe might then considering him as a lucky one as the credit rolls meant that a good movie just finishing its well-ending scene to make you smile again …