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Wonderbread Alice (Concrete Jungle 2018)

   The Fullerton, CA seminal legendary Punk-Rock band of US scene The Adolescents did not died and dry-out yet but still as it was formed long time ago when the cold war just about becoming the global hits hooked those rebel punkers approaching each other between Rikk Agnew and Steve Soto as well as Tony Brandenburg aka Tony Cadena with full line-ups within drummer Peter Pan and guitarist John Donovan before several changes appearing in the band’s career especially around the Agnew brothers – Rikk, Frank and even Alfie as the reuniting and the broke-down for couple years and tons of recording release catalogs for Punk Rock in capital P personally, never really destroying the great arrangement music by the group and they’re still proving about their existence as long as the injustice issues of worldwide international and locals are keeps happening – here you go filthy bastards of the new millennium; The Adolescents newer album for Cropduster – on their main characterized offensive protests about the president Trump’s policies and stupidity acts we all know for making instability or confusions among voters, good people and workers around America targeting illegal immigrant, minority races and religious threats versus Punk Rock wants to kicking Donald’s butts really hard for things that he did since the election winning and waving fake smiles. 

   If you love The Adolescents, you will trying to have or listening for this album and cranks it reall fucking loud before the march of angry flames and youth coalition ended up in riots through Gazetter that intacting the war between Trump and CNN, Nuclear Football about how Jong Un shaking hands with Trump to preventing large scale of war is like a soap opera story, Disease, Sunspot Screams, Flat Earth Stomp, Miranda Panda to Paradigm Bag Junkies and Digital Toybox showing how this older band develops to a better, clever unit writing their powerful tracks fits for the demanding of the future audiences demanding for answers.