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Wize Owlz Corps (Independent 2017)

   A three-headed monsters originally dissolves their prepositions for the influenced and inspired thoughts made into rhyming lyrics and written rhythms as the Bar Codez and paper Jamz being tore up shreds ripping by something ferocious from outside the fences while Goon Platoon preparing for their battle-ground several rounds as the formatting music performance to be produced by Craftsman (master of ceremony/artists/producer), Detective Dandridge (producer/master of ceremony/artist) off Roanoke, VA has been then, placing itself as a brand new theatrical Hip-Hop Horrorcore in broad variant for musical, films culture or science as served there into the main figures on US Rap world society important to scares people shitting-up themselves while listening as dangerous as Gangsta Rap and more psychotic than Freddie Krueger’s slutty girlfriends or the skinny owner of Bates Motel as Goon Platoon attacks you within their tranquilizer beats slowly but poisonous and infected just like Bratz, Katanaz, Unleaded, Crumblin, Reign Of Fire, Suit of Facez and Ravenz Feast – really goes inviting killers and psycho-snatchers to gathered around looking for fresh victims among the staging show performance and there’s no fuckin’ way the police can tracing their hideout place easily … 

Bar Codez and Paper Jamz: