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Winter’s Slumber (Avantgarde Music 2018)

   Tougher metal-heads with addition to one female member for these Dunedin, New Zealand or Malmo unit of Epic Atmopsheric Black Metal written down their natured or fantasy lyrics themes as comprising for Riccardo Floridia on drums, Mike Wilson on bass, Emilio Crespo on vocals; Mike Lamb for guitars/drums/piano and Chloe Bray on guitars/tin whistle/vocals defecting the inner angst or hatred by double-pedaled drumming and purchase thus riff-age like stormy weather among the folkish multimedia sounds in blended comparison to artistic rather than extreme music as The Shadowed Road by the group – Sojourner marks their non-innocence efforts telling us about Titan, An oath Sworn in Sorrow, Our Bones Among The Ruins and Where Lost Hope Lies trying to painting the destroyed tower of two that belongs to saruman back onto its glory days where magic and tricks balancing the middle earth peace on the south forest land. 

The Shadowed Road: