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Winsome (Self-Released 2017)

   Witching hours introduction as the old hag laughing scary towards your stand in existence where nobody helps you there and yes, there’s death creeping on air as the two minutes and seven seconds passes right before Hyde in acoustic-harmony bragging in for the likes on Billie Joe’s similarity vocalist is these Siblings Of Samhain for Halloween only in their veins of favorable loves to Argyle Goolsby, Blitzkid, The Roving Midnight and Nim Vind; used to forming and develops by the duet horrific Punk-rockish teens – Danny Demented on lead vocals and guitars as well as Savage Monster for bass guitar/backing vocals doing their four listed songs on acoustic formation over this EP entitled Dark, Dead and Deranged as blackest spirits from the hell abomination are back this year arising to your closest part of town from the cemetery public outside the pine woods and passes those swampy ridge echoing the mellow eerie themes written here as Vampires Everywhere or other three minutes and nine seconds punkish track again to haunts the cold October while your brothers gone out for trick or treats timing; you on the other hand – stuck inside the basement with ghouls crawling out the windows chasing you after consuming your romantic soccer mom and psychotic sister up on this less-horrifying debut.

Dark, Dead And Deranged EP: