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Widows War (Self-Released 2014)

   Roman catholic background and some silly traditions story of a blonde sexy nun girl living in between the chained monastery life and her developed minds  as free-thinker to learn the outside world makes some kind of contradictions within as you and everyone else too on that same condition before gone to bed praying, start doing thus bored routinities or cursing the surrounding caught in DIY mode on by these Boston, MA’s Hardcore-Punk and Thrash Metal cross-over group of the bigger crew consisting for: Ricky Foran, Mike Allen, Ian Van Opijnen, Matthew Cugini, Julian Mazzola and Ilya Podolskiy expectancy for writing their local daily tales into lyrics and harsh metallic music in Aminals not too average but successfully definite the eventual fizzle or causes effectively to shaking your faith while listening to them. 
   Experimented math-Core clashing to Metalcore and modern to old-school Hardcore Thrash in common anger by the youth gone adults and ages or experience or even wisdom didn’t really counts here much but the honest reality to tell to everyone that’s important to the band for releasing – Dead Air. 
   Go fucking bangs your head while these songs of new millennium problems and prospects anthem explodes and flowing in rhythmic or melodies as the growling and screamo-vocals said loud about Bitchcraft, Rope, Ew She Smells Like Brooklyn, Population Controls, Dirty Habits as well as If You Hear Them Sing in a Hospital creates Something Secular in the end with almost destructive production recording this for Less People who cares and understanding where should humanity walks on by the future dealing with our basic induced variety of demands and losses.

Dead Air: