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Who Is A Rival (Sega 2001)

   Directed by Eigo Kasahara with programmer Hideya Shibazaki and designer Tatsuya Sato referencing this virtual revolves matching arcade game for sports lovers that taking you into the real atmosphere of the sunny beachside, sandy sweaty babes and spectators watching the prior charging strength athletes of two on two volleyball games hits the ball back and forth until the better smart team can force the other to lose the ball touched their side for points as entire mostly, women players and audiences crowding the air with sensual moans or screams as rallying continues but arcade mode and world tours wouldn’t be such awesome without the composing Pop-Rock and live bands music by these clever composer teams: Tatsutoshi Narita, Sachio Ogawa, Shinici Goto to Fumio Ito and Megumi Takano did all the instrumental strong songs for Beach Spikers gaming: Warm Up, Mode Select, Orange Sunlight, Incandescence Game, Limitation Power, It Pulls Together onto Reach The Top !

   As the graphics are good enough for perverted eyes seeing more curves on the female volleyball players in their hot tight bikinis while the sportsmen loves the game for play addiction when it’s raining season seems to cancelling the plan for sunbathing on the nearest shore and give your opponents a sexy hard smashes. 

(OST) Beach Spikers: