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Welfare Suburbia (Warner Music Australia/EastWest 1996)

   Last comers of the best era where Aussie’s Alternative Rock scene did giving their important matters to the surroundings and society likewise as these seminal Industrial-Rock of the outspoken views upon political activities worldwide and volunteering themselves as being called occasional Australian reformation minds grouping known in just a shorter moments as iNsuRge featuring the mixed gender members like the leader Chris Dubrow, Daryl Sims, Mark “Milli” Avery, Mattieu Macroth, Monique Wakelin, Pauly B or Sean Burnett playing Heavy Metal mixed by the funky trumpets and brass sections within thus Electronic/Indie Rock plus gabber sounds sonic for Industrial-Pop showing us the crying baby being carried by his mother as they’re hiding inside the grassy mountain of the remote place when still – the black helicopters and conspiracy troops keeps marching on forward to expanding their super-power greed conquering the global in fear of paranoid as the spoken lyrics or scary images may teaching you while listening to screaming rhythmic tunes as well – the way to fighting and survived through it.

   Intense sceneries, background related themes or termination aspects in the drilling of musical performance trying to help each other minorities for not dying in vain while the economy collapse and combatant armies hand in hand planning on destroying the peaceful world in furor riot as Power To The Poison People blares its protesting fighter song-collections of the anti-NWO things alike: Time Bomb, Political Prisoners, Speculator onto AK 47, Redneck and Soul 4 Sale really connected to single news informing how cheap lives would become nowadays in the nineties; you can even got discounts for buying other’s tales of miseries. 

Power To The Poison People: