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Waterwings (Bandcamp 2018)

   Odd compositions for these Atmospheric Black Metal blends on Folk Metal traditional as well as thus melodic and symphonic perforamnce by the trio of Clare Webster on vocals and harp; Rob George on guitars and Sean Brazil on bass guitar and violin really makes the lyrics and music written by the group calling themselves as Yylva – the harp-chords laden abundance Classics and rocking mystic as occultism shrouds unveiling while you begun to listening onto them works here painting inside this harmonic female vocals of angels meet the blasting riffs and extreme underground purifications crashed over to The Wood Beyond The World of another dimension journey as one crossing the sacred gate through double pedals, project on Atmospheric New-Age of Folk softening tunes and Black Metal growlers and debut recording tracks alike Nepenthe, A Sidhe in Throes, Aurorae and Nienor calls the whispering spells on sacred chants deeper from the forest on ancient and piano-tinged or keyboards harmonium caught the intentions from the audience praising the figures that clearly shows as the crescent moon altar, the tree of living and the dream-catcher that enlightening the starry night within dark magic.

The Wood Beyond The World: