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Wasting And Trashing (Not On Label 2015)

   Normandie's modern Nu-School or Post-Hardcore unit that shall making your afternoon feeling a bit not as pleasure but truthful just like reality kicks in your freaking head which taken control mostly by the figures of Arnaud Anti and Fred Hirard and friends slamming thru the best bursting mayhem towards the in-between materials inside Barking In C album by the band – Bandersnatch showing the range of sounds from Progressive Rock to Stoner Metal as being mixed by Guillaume Doussaud and recorded by Nicolas Bazire. Cranking these six tunes releasing there in your face fucking like the rips off for b-sides of low sci-fi/CGI modes on mutant monstrous blinded creature ready to bites you hard causing the melt down of nuclear compound and any explosions may be harmful to mankind. Anti greedy music for head-banger metal-heads everywhere in such screaming fusion over Pirates ITFS, Walk, Scarification or Freedom !

Barking In C: