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War Genius (Omega Records 1998)

   Sebastian Eder, Jens Kuckelkon, Chity Somapala and Petra Hasselkuss from this Progressive Melodic Heavy Metal group aus Germany did something extraordinary great with their sci-fi portraying scenery took by surprises as Avalon releasing their awesome music within the best artworks for the cover on Vision Eden displaying kinds of time machine stationed somewhere on a unknown galaxy planet crossing saturn as the harmonic symphonies wrapping the blasting beats and technical chords to solo and long jamming as well over the band’s written materials goes faster and theatrically professional to hear by listeners whose going to loving how Power Metal progressions still manage to creating characterized tracks and dimensional-universe based themes for Lord Of Dignity, Fate Of Centuries, Age of Salvation and They Are Between us seems to telling stories around the outer space or beyond futuristic and the perfect performance from live musical instruments and vocals would gives us remembrance to memories within this one. 

Vision Eden: