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Wag Out Brain Scoop (Guruguru Brain 2016)

   Pakistani most important modern musical adventurous production for your favorable weirdy sounds impacts putting imaginations as elements of anti-boredom as Psychedelic druggy brain of developing analog and collaborations unique tunes gaming producer and musician describes as the sources came from the mainly ideas from Daniel Hyatt closing his appearance with art-crafts local as being Nawksh fantasy futuristic clashing against the countries majority of fanatical minds might not really meet the conclusions but more young people loves to have this releasing listenable to their daily activities to runaway from stressed out as Electronic mastering experiments of Karachi written/recorded and produced this clever softer/percussionist based of Mythic Tales of Tomorrow II means a lot to the audience to respect and honoring the hard works of silent calm music not to disturbing anyone but getting closer to nature’s cuddle not destruction within Techno salad bowl and Pop senses nurturing the underground exhibit sounds through It’s Not a Secret, Down The Rodent Hole, First Friend, Press Start, Come On In Smile Snatcher or Dry Hug Good Bye try not counting any Quantity (but) recognition even about digital bonus track for free. 

Mythic Tales Of Tomorrow II: