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Verbal Kint (Hopeless Records 1997)

   Various Artists-type thing of compilations in order to marketing more interests over the youngsters to love playing skateboards on the streets within the popular extreme ways and listening only to the main official music suits for it – Pop-Punk Rock like these tuning package not trying to arguable about drinking and snack eating related but yes, VA Cinema Beer Nuts might closely, asking several simple questions about going on a cool date with your babe to watch movie but on the way – your friends joining in as skateboarders ended up yourself confusing while your girlfriends getting mad and go with the rich kids car – leaving you and co. doing nothing but cranked out this album aloud from the abandoned house headquarter. Meet the blending Pop-Punk, Hardcore, Post-Punk to Ska-Pop and metallic fusion as catchy friendly and little silly, dirty and nasty but having morality to giving the listeners choices within names like Ignite, Mustard Plug, The Queers or AFI to The Vandals leading track of It’s A Fact, Less Than Jake live outtake on Automatic, Hi-Standard’s Fighting Fists, Voodoo Glow Skulls on Bulletproof; Strife to Goober Patrol to Shades Apart to The Marshes and more.

   Parade-ing alliance of the furious youth flaming energy to share to the globe as the audiences had a fucking Punk-Rock times snacking on peanuts and speed rockers vault-gifted catalogs right here not for Lozin’ Must but winning tomorrow !!!

V.A Cinema Beer Nuts: