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VENOM DEtach (Self-Released 2014)

Minimalist Synth-Punk that doesn’t sounding minimalistic at all because the bass-lines crashing collapsed onto the distorting momentum as the harsh guitars keeping the surprising acts happens with thus driving high looking for good times and pussies or the tight ass displays which cannot make you holding on anymore but cheating – sounded familiar nowadays ? these Los Angeles crew busting the central nerves system of human being that provides by Hardcore-Punk based and hardware tools helping in Electronic raises may not giving the listeners a heartwarming onto the groovebox of anti-social and New Wave to Krautrock and Industrial Garage Lo-Fi stories for The WhoRE’er album brought more Damage Effect stylish primitive sounds or noises and rhythmic bursts along LONG time cALLeR, pREvention, HATE-fUcK to thE circle wrapped in trance-craze mode, paid well plague spreading to youngsters ears and instability people to starting kill themselves in this next modern-musica show images.