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Vanity Causer (Bandcamp 2018)

Amount fully mixtures over those interracial members together as one formed the group that playing Dub-/Reggae roots and Pop-Rock currently, located in London as being completed by The Drop’s formation on Dandelion (vocals, melodic), Leon on guitars, Ryan on keyboards, percussionist Jason, Steve (bass), Ed West (drums), Jonny Murray on trumpet as well as Joe playing saxophone, dubs, chaz won don and Kyle for sounds/dubs growing through the trudge speaking off the small town suburbs; captivating the grass-rooted releases in marrying grooves of jumps up to dirty basses and epic sound walls as well as clever smart ideas to wrote down lyrics on mesmeric established talking about prestigious for being equal, free and responsible to yourself and the surroundings as human beings. 

Experiences movement staging from live performance to UK festival circuits lending thus stocking brood on potential sparks of thoughts not for stupidly, destroying masterpiece and burning books by category but sending strong messages distinctive as sounds to the mass audience for the globe to understands the truth and the deeper edgy thinking positive and protests from Dunna Runna feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry, Takeover, CCTV, Parakeets in London, Far & Wide, Avatar onto 6 or 9 until the Last Stand leaves a frantic beats addict on The Clash or Dub-step quintessential into you – craving for more Reggae. 

Last Stand: