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Valiant Death (Eisenwald 2017)

Exultant Atmospheric Black Metal Classic mixed within Folk Metal traditions and screaming vocals to the monotonous double pedals of wrath drumming may in total being delivers through the duo of extreme metallic personnel: Havenless (drums) and The Watcher (vocals, guitars, keyboards) hailing themselves from England as Fellwarden. 

Walks in mystical wonders means favorite hold in original and innovative through melodic connects beliveable still managing to holds in maintaining balance between overabundance to soundscapes chants imaginable for metal acts over windswept backdrops; stepping in passionate harsh vocals, powerful riffs and cavernous underpinned tales on the visiting for consciousness prayers upon the pagan stone-rocks tombs of the elders up the highland. 

Simple blackened of simultaneously six for subtle waves of keybords, acoustic six-strings, booming choirs and battery percussive crafting performs Guardian Unbound, Wayfarer Eternal and A Cairn-Keeper’s Lament taken from the sacred metallic of Oathbearer. 

Occult-doomed !