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Usurpers (Anarchy For Sale 2018)

Rich Gulag isn’t your type of rocker whose making much money and returning fucked up greedy or just being famous and dating plastic actress; Rich Gulag isn’t your number one choices for having no really hits album recording but can creates this kind of wiser lyrics for Acoustic- Punk and Anarcho-Electronic which describing punks as being rebellious punks playing smart punks within the power of D.I.Y and Rich Gulag singing his heart-out honesty and never forgotten about who is he really am and this ninth releasing off Nottingham studios in UK proves that the quiet form on Researcher For Yourself isn’t the same compositions as the next number second track – I Think You’re Full of Shit Mate goes vulgar carrying its Hardcore Industrial non-popular anti-consumerism total written by him. Rich Gulag also sang about Change to Hyprocrite, Gaslighter or Looking for Blame in All The Wrong Places while keeps Going It Alone over the good musicians helping on Sindrome Del Dolore or Gi Emme and the mentioned of Jim Wilde as well. Odd percussion, spoken poetry to protesting arts and more experimental must be forwarded there on Rich Gulag’s Nine Lies work. 

Not all ideas are for sale … 

Nine Lies: