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Ur.God.Lacks Obey (Self-Released 2018)

   Throw down the old products and meet the faces of things that you shall mentioning as Nu-Hop in movement as thus combinations of confusing but greater good beats by elements taken from Hip-Hop, Reggae, Djent and Heavy Metal  as basic as unique so you must check out FamZ and The HooliganZ (the band): the long haired-redneck looking adult male and white as butter with the group of him carried their soulful and rocked out heritage off West Virginia and madder lyrics inside through Nu-Metal, Rap-Core, true Old School and keepers of the beat in the swampy area must be on attached to your featuring pusher music via U.G.L.Y over those arrangements of nineteen tracks mixes entitles for Vegas not being too damn wiser at all; Fake Chain feat. John The Mixtape, My Child, Kill Me, Lights, Chances onto Dutch Master which really easily could trick the audience for thinking that the group is pure afro-american but actually, they’re the real American playing Hip-Hop thicker in dark essence and monstrous looks like the cover shown to us about. 

Most beards are made in heaven before you brought sins and hell with them to this place …