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Universal Jam (Earache 1996)

   Subsiding format as the answer from Newport, South Wales to the Nu Hip-Metal section raising in America that day; these Ragga/Punk/Rap faction group within their over-closer took for increasing diverse influences within their tons of metallic/groovy roots corporate heavier rocking blend sounds gets their late third album as well as those powerful music and awesome artworks in Wrong Side Of Beautiful over Dub War blossoming flower-speakers plants did goes doing you a good kicking vibes on head-banging listening onto the performance of solidify mastering grooviest beats attraction: Benji, Jeff, Martin to Richie – playing their best releasing so far there and shaken the stages via Greedee, Bassballbat, Enemy Maker, Armchair Thriller, Control onto Million Dollar Love or Cry Dignity – means that something already went wrong through how Heavy Metal pronouncing itself by having blur identity enclosing the new millennium to pops the blender variant of rock functions as the branding branches on reaching different cultures of further uniting society and expands for becoming bigger than just loud noises with distortion of silly monotonous catching your interests from the outside in …

Wrong Side Of Beautiful: