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Unafraid In Hiding (B-Core Disc 2013)

   Punk-Pop and seminal hardcore crew of the teenager energetic presentation make you feel like happy for these Indie Rock session from Sant Feliu De Guixols’ smiling young and letting the freedom rises on their try-out on making good records again for their collection music as Bullitt with the third albums – So Many Ways; erasing all the directions to everywhere but stays there entertaining you within their similarity sounds like Blink 182 new comeback playing Indie-Pop and the finest blue mountain background and flock of birds tells the audience to not taking life too damn seriously but make single steps available and enjoying them for even the smaller things to collecting joy for the spirits and keep on skate-boarding like you mean it must be the main plan for the record to rocking its trendy popular songs being heard by the world (even) you found out that the rest of the members actually, aren’t that young and handsome. Still the catchy music of Indie Rock graduates the band to be a favorite choice which given us She Leads My Soul, Fallen, Back To The End, As Far As I Could Go, Headblower and How Did You Think really grows the smiles and daily story to share among young kids and teenagers not to let depressions controlling their lives means positive and Lucky. Gracias Muchas !

So Many Ways: