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Tube Screamer (Bandcamp 2018)

   Winnipeg, Manitoba project to be thrown in the middle of militant fans of night-life lovers and party goers or even backpacker-travelers would insight sudden trapped into the formula magic visionary off Electro-Dance Rock fusion with Psychedelic progression or Psytrance secular in Et Cetera … tunage recording onto this momentum by Ambrosia Skylab carefully, doing the constructed mastery melodies or structured beats abilities by alchemist of sounds wider arrays over thus instruments that plays mixed with improvements seeker for the record which called fourth nuggets as the mixes on all music recorded, produced, mastered by Kenny Holewater as one can sense the New Wave meets universal world sounds and Italo-Disco rhythmic as far as the natural themes written there for Rain Song telling stories for around five minutes more without vocals but the audience would definitely, felt the aura and the atmosphere that being brought by it. 
Another five minutes off solar paneling the energy out of the mighty light-torcher giant ball planet out there as our central of the planetary system rhyming those greased, spiced and cooked of almost perfection pretty much implies the last awhile to spread. 
   The artworks of greener plants to the pots and containers and shapes and colors giving the assuring that preservation isn’t just a horse-shit programs to healing the planet from our pollutant emissions.

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