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Trusty Noose (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 2015)


   Hording the general horde of extreme terror music like the cauldron filled with all the ingredients for a witch to celebrates waxing or waning moon phase as the gaining of power raising high with the more victims as oil as possible to snatched – the more faster your ritual force in maximizing everything out of the dark, combinations to destroying the good by the ugly bad evil and the total annihilation for thus whom opposing the real signs of times closer to the eternal devastation just like the killer melodic solos, brutal double pedals and artistic music and harmony vocals in between the harsh and braver types that would encouraging those whom believed in the dark judgement day whilst upon us; listen to them – I Am The Trireme as your Philadelphian ex-Metalcore group turning to Blackened Melodic Black Metal later on the journey with drummer Paul Cole, Joe Cantamessa (guitars), Alec Pezzano (guitars, orchestration) and Jay Briscoe (vocals) brought to us their newer steps after the deadly phase via the deformations from the old path onto the pure impurity ways as the band turning more extreme and darker than before as they’re releasing this album – Gnosis: Never Follow The Light which by the title already you would knowing that this is the main ensemble of manual guidance for those whom ready for abandoning worthless god and accepts the universalist point of views and images, as the bringer and the messengers of the darkness may be pleased to have you on board praising tracks like basking in The Essence of My Sorrow or Grey Fields of Ash.