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Trumpets Of Heaven (Lakeshore 2017)


The life of former boxer turning to work his ass up for the drug boss Gil as for Bradley Thomas – a mule he is laid off jobs from an auto-repair shop being not so really happy enjoying lives with cheating wife with her lovebite neck talking on the cell-phone to someone else as she admitted before furious tall and muscled-up husband Bradley shouting her to go inside and wait there while he destroying the family car bare-handed like a mad bull and then, after he satisfied – he enters the house and discussing their relationship and forgiving Lauren whim later getting pregnant but relocated to a bigger house as more money came from Bradley’s drug-mule jobs as his boss introduced him to new business associate with new task.

The off-coast sailing and package pick-ups ended a disaster as Bradley whom did not trusting the other two crew for the project of crystal meth walks into a trap by the police as the drug that supposed to be thrown back into the water kept by the gang members whom died in a shoot-out with the police as Bradley goes to custody and being sentenced to medium-security prison for seven years. Eleazar kidnapped Lauren and ordering Bradley via a messenger to kill Christopher Bridge in Redleaf correctional facility maximum security or his unborn child will be removed by surgery abortionist Korean doctor as Bradley accepts it. Brawl in Cell Block 99 telling us about how hard the unlucky lives soon turning success but with easy money comes not just bigger responsibility but also danger-zone and Vince Vaughn did his role great for strongly fought the painful punishments, electric shock push button to the picking fight in close combat with multiple warden led by Tuggs as Bradley was put inside a terrible cell, clogged with feces sleeping on the floor-moments; breaking a guard’s arm to gang tortures – manage by our big man to survived himself inside. 
Original motion picture soundtrack by various artists recording most from Classic Funk/Soul and Rn’B music sounds track-listing as This Lovely Park (Adi Armour), God Bless My Mama from The O’Jays/Eddie Levert/Walter Williams onto Buddy’s Business or Butch Tavares’ You Are Yesterday and Give Her a Ride means that there’s no such things as soft character here on this movie about real life as emotions and strength should showing in a right place or else you will be ended up a dead body. Ambush his torturers as well as working his clever plan by placed rubber between his body and electric belt for preventing shocks resulting him to move freely and kills the guards as well confronts Eleazar as brutally kills thus three henchmen towards hand-in-hand combat before torturing back Eleazar – breaking his leg and calls for negotiating releasing of Lauren. 
As successfully makes the abortionist following Eleazar instructions and unharmed drove Lauren home but back to the prison Cell 99; Bradley surrounded by the wardens but threatening them with hostages before dragging Eleazar to the squat hole and stomps him until his head decapitated and Warden Tuggs and his men shoot Bradley three times in the chest and double tap his head as the man’s body fell to the floor.