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Triggernometry (Rockstar Games 2010)

   Not just online multiplayer system added but one can doing their own adventure to interact within the third-person perspective for the open-world environment gaming with the Western-themed background for riding horse towards the sunset or doing the impressive non-morality shoot-out against the bad sheriff, the deputies and other crooks scattered all over the United States and Mexico borders for this emphasized gunslinger using his dead-eye to pass levels and primarily mastering the horseback ride to strength to go on foot before engaged the enemies with a good smart plan-printed and faster hand to draw – to be the first to shot; thanks to Christian Cantamessa the designer and programmer Ted Carson with the artists: Joshua Bass, Daren Bader and Nick Trifunovic recreating this fictional but alive version of the wild wild west sharp-shooter in Red Dead Redemption with the accompanied soundtrack composed by Bill Elm/Woody Jackson written the infamous music like you listening for Classics tunes from older cowboy movies here with El Club De Los Cuerpos, Muertos Rojos (aka The Gunslinger) Compass (Red Dead on Arrival Version), Exodus in America, Far Away and even Born Unto Trouble as well as The Outlaw’s Return may either leads you to the right track to your destination or one shall meet tragic death in the middle of nowhere of the deserted no man’s land territory.

Remember that the stories written by the writer not the readers; Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie would wisely meant something needs to fly or fall in the meantime, somehow …