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Triangulation 02:52 (Bandcamp 2018)

   Garage Punk and Cold-Wave minimalist turning to catchy exaggerating but frenchie by the lyrics makes them sounded sexy as mid-tempo and sensual girl vocalist adding the good marks interests for the listeners to love how thus keyboards-tinged and guitar simplifies easy to attracts everyone on having a try for the Nantes, France’s Puissance Cube quartet or family tribe coming from the outer space to saving the innocents from thus invasion races with high-technology dead ray’s weapon and many stations are Puissance N for guitars, Puissance B for playing bass guitar, Puissance R is the drummer and Puissance M playing keyboards and singing. Through the opening secret signs and entering the infiltrating plans as possible and braver bringing their space stone from the outer limits over La Malediction Des Meteores writing their creative ideas onto sounds of catchy tunes and punkish retro by their common local language uses everyday but can also reaching some temporary international level too jump up from one place to another through the play-mates for Chuter Dans L’Amour, Camouflage holographique, Sortie Extravehiculaire, Robotomie or Lafay8-Bit and Galaxie might as well tells the entire history of the universal not added in a book of knowledge and the winning foursome would go saving another different places and resurrecting the peace like how the music of them brings joyful dancing and pogo-ing to the prefecture spots. 

Le Malediction Des Meteores: