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Training Montage (New Line Cinema 2003)

   Verbally abusing since his smaller until then that thing makes Willard Stiles becoming an anti-social paranoid living on that old mansion with his mom Henrietta and homing the hidden visible thousand colony of rats. Finding again himself being always humiliated by the cruel boss so the co-workers can witnessing how the vicious assuming control the company by the name of Frank Martin taking control and interests after Willard’s father died of suicide but among those unlucky life – Willard met Cathryn a sympathetic co-worker girl becoming friends with quirky Willard in this movie directed by Glen Morgan. Starring Crispin Glover and Laura Elena Harring as well as befriending his later on self-trained rats colony led by Socrates and one extra large named Ben but after a moment bringing Socrates to work – the arguments between Willard and his boss ended up for the secretary found out about the rat as Martin smack Socrates to death sending Willard in deep regret and anger leaning his focus on Ben the bigger scary rat to leading his swarm of rat revenge from the sewer confronting Mr. martin – kills him.
   The mistrust for Ben grows into Willard and poisoning plan did not really works well to erasing the swarm especially, Ben who seems to be smarter to kill. The suspense horror stories about a transforming ruthless psychopath in vengeful rat attacks given a chance for Shirley Walker to composing the soundtrack onto Willard - Music Composed and Conducted By Shirley Walker; written the instrumental over some thrilling and mysterious themes like Total Tire Recall/Not The Puppy, In The Basement Ben & Where’s Mom, My Only Friend/House Full of Rats, Gotcha as well as Rats Chase Willard or Follow Ben did exactly, extra-ordinary tales not for being Trapped Like A Rat showcase as harmonic orchestral scoring the imperfect dark movie not just a good story but surrounding background music that relates by reasonable as like the last track by Michael Jackson means terrible things inspired by the film.