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Tired & Sick (TVT Records 2001)

   From the northern part of America more imports of Canadian good bands from its Modern Rock and Alternative Rock scene goes international just like for example – this Hard Rock/Post-Grunge unit off Vancouver, British Columbia had already a majority fan-based and gains more and more daily popular demands in US soil especially, the first music-charts hits successfully made by Default through Wasting My Time – taken from their debut album The Fallout that indecision to make a good marks at first being released but suddenly, thanks to that hit single – the band’s lucky star shine and changed everything for the rock career off Dallas Smith (lead vocals), Jeremy Hora on guitars, Dave Benedict (bass guitars) and Danny Craig (drums, percussion) within the help from Rick Parashar on keyboards/piano also the additional lyrics written together with Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) as well producing the record.
   The blurry picture doesn’t mean that the conditions for Default are also uncertain because their album really selling-out as the sounds they’re delivers can be describing as an ultimate Country-Pop Alternative rocking which everybody loving it once they’re listening onto the tracks. Make your call and choices but everything seems to be pretty listenable here: Seize The Day, One Late Night, Deny and By Your Side must be cheesy but romantic for romantic rockers to resembling their lives back since the last fall.

The Fallout: