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Tinkerbell (Independent 2018)

Fishing, golf tournaments and taxidermy stuff are some of their favorable things to share alike the L.A Butt Core sounds of United States performed by Neil “The Real Deal” Crowley, Arturo Shaman, Sterling Riley and Harry Cloud coalition transforming the mutant DNA of dogged shallow stupid Goofy character mixed terribly within the predator alien-mouth as you can see to imagine. Either it’s face to eyes injuries blasting out from thus mixing blend on Stoner Metal, Psychedelic, Noise-Rock and extreme metallic experiments causing trouble to the hearing audience reminds you about The Melvins there for Minus Grin beating up as the screaming desperate vocals like King Buzzo goes roaring through Heritage Of Maintenance, Slack Jaw and Psoria Sister.

As Orphan Goggles naming themselves ugly stupid and hating how Walt Disney ruining their and many kids past by molested the perfect lives of someone with cartoon characters that dragging the world standard to sketching more brilliant choices not originality of mankind. 

All performance made by the band. 

Minus Grin: