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Tick Tick Tick (Self-Released 2017)

   Fuzz dancing confusing distorted bursts out comes over the lunatic mixer writing celluloid-realm sounds for the glamour Progressive experiments and metallic rocking Seattle unit teams: Dirty Dirty featuring Drew Shreve on drums, Mark Knowles on drums and guitarist/vocalist Ian Forrester with back-up vocals Ian Ketterer and Wes Speight displaying Deadline EP's skeleton do the phoning for the community and neighboring people around them to liking what new Washington state now offers to you all as Allisha Good did the cover arts but the main characteristic focusing views must be those six true modernism fierce sounding track-lists which blending Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Fuzz-Rock and Indie Dance mastering your cult-tinged morphine clandestine through Thieves in My Head, Catastrophe Roof, So Wild or Weight of The Wounded pleasing quickly over thus illegal troops loving progression and glamour pop that fucks the commercialism like burglars violating former miss world in a garage while the listeners head-banging outside. 

Deadline EP: