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The Witching Meadow (Avantgarde Music 2017)

   Granted themselves on the main quests for introducing back the nation’s native heritage themes of the Americans as exciting of instrumentation as originality dose of ethereal harmonic melodies arranged within the works of these duet musicians: Grushenka Odegard on vocals and Cryvas on vocals/guitars/bass within their additional session drummer Aaron Maloney to Lilith Astaroth on vocals for the fans of fanatic listeners over Agalloch to Ulver as Algonquin folklores and stunning foray or even damn fine synthesis delicates of mesmeric magnificent battle between the native bravery huntress versus the horned giant of the deep wilderness over The Sachem’s Tales [Tape Mix] performed by Dzo-nga in equalizing Classic darker Black Metal and ambient-folklore of the world here on Midewiwin Lodge, The Wolves Fell Quiet, Halle Ravine to Against The Northern Wind and To The Great Salt Water – closely, closing in the wounds moment and the results of whose going to win the mountain’s encounters as the Himalayan demon ghost name the band took making this Black Metal project goes out from Boston area. 

The Sachem's Tales [Tape Mix]: