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The Winter King (Independent 2014)

Maybe they’re bunch of drunken kids loving Spinal Tap too much and listening to Judas Priest while playing the weirdest dangerous games in the woods imagining the medieval times where king Arthur received his Excalibur after copulating the lady of the lake once or the dragon killer and orcs battle mayhem straight riding off from Charlotte, North Carolina not british soil; these Tommy Pamelle on vocals, Ross Thompson and Sane Kane on guitars, Nick Canada on bass and Nick Kale on drums releasing their three tracks extended play music of Power Metal/Heavy Metal classical in Avalon Steel’s Ascension EP blowing the curves out of castles and spreading tales about new metallic kids in town blasting the melodic/speeding sounds onto Curses of The DoomWraiths for four minutes and thirteen seconds or Trapped In A Nightmare off the thick traditional Rock/Metal influences.

Play ball and rah rah rah ? Or draw your sword and twarts ! 

Ascension EP: