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The Wind Blows (Bandcamp 2017)

   Experimental Californian Funk Metal unit born as eclectic to the surfer beach living basic correctness as well as aiming sounds onto diversity tales of musical organic preserves in San Francisco area as busting metallic beater making as fusion fashionable by their music proves that The Glove Department really can play as agile as energetic by possibilities for the consistency of Aleister Paige on guitars, Brett Warren on bass and Robert De Sandre on drums as a trio while sometimes accompanied by saxophonists Alex Attard and Matthew Berger made your ears a bit confused within the releasing of this record entitled Wonderland creating the massive joint-shoot-out bashers above to below ranges using the performance tracks towards Wasting Time, Overnight, Spread The Love, What Time ?, The Waiting Room or Couchlock and Epiphany mixtures of either Sly and The Family Stone to groovy Heavy Metal plays swampy road bars kinds of crossing the limits of worst blender sounds you ever witnessing because this sophomore album really got its meaning opens wider and clearly loud in extreme courageous braver ideas in the making by men. 

Take this one up and completes your Funk Metal catalogs !