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The Weeper Karman Line (Independent 2017)

   Made Of Teeth means irregular business for the fucking noises to bursts harder more than just about Punk-Rock and Hardcore fuses blended by metallic tinged and Post Rock fully experiments as the members: Chris West and Steve Jones from Taint to Oblong collecting pieces over riff-induced resultant products and bastard Psychedelic Doomy triptych chaos of Wales, warehouse distorted grinds and Stoner recording with Tom Cole on bass, vocals and performance by Made Of Teeth through West on guitars/vocals and Stephen on drums/vocals labeling themselves as an underground extreme seminal Alternative Metal reality crushing drills and percussion rages by the blender supporting this self-titled record and the all seeing eye artworks to great solos and choruses for the fully blasts on Drunk On Bleach, Hook Tooth and Claw, Bleak Phlegm and Citrus Fetus Potus limitlessly, dragging the ear-drums down and freaking hard like peddling the death desires and mountain avalanche in black and grey condition.

Dying … Dying …

Made Of Teeth: