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The Voidless (Not On Label 2017)

   Strange current like the outer space collapsing with Sci-Fi sounds experiments is here blowing through your stereo as it concepts in custom songwriting, produced, mixing engineered with vocals to guitars and mastering drums by Real Cardinal as being additionally helped by David Murphy for guitarviol or Anthony Black aka Deadmusician on the screaming and notable artworks creatively amazed from Timothee Mathelin (aka Shift) in the UK style of dark deeper Dubstep grooves blending for Ambient/Drum N Bass, Industrial to Progressive Industrial in cinematic Synth-Pop struggling out the entropy cracks because Solace is the album offers you improvement intelligence and identity of the extreme scales proven that personality disorder borderline should be real. Comaduster releasing dispaled those different angles on brightest stars sparkling in such a remote place far or space rocks glowing and as well the tracklist of eight songs like adventurous instrumentals via The Entangled, The Retracer, Emergent One, Selfsimilar, Ancient Generations to The Shadowsphere can lifting up your curiosity while doing the dance moves in the next steps to evolves to be a perfect being before rocketing to the outer limits of the universe center …