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The Traitor Tower (Jungle Records 2016)

   Oh yes but no … That sexy hot chick with the short kilt whom you met before in a bar has turning to her real revealing identity as the psychotic and Psychobilly Rock N’ Roll lover whose likes to chopping people head’s out and as the beheading moment happens to you – cornered and bleeding heavy; these Finland’s Rockabilly, sicken Pycho-Punk of mutual united members from different bands creating Deepsix comprising on Juha Eerola on bass, Vesa Manty on drums/vocals and Pekka Hakoma on guitars/vocals have releasing another album for the third times off their career but still lesser-known as they didn’t fucking care which written and producing twelve tracks talking about the entire story connecting to that mysterious red-haired female-she devil killer right from the starting beats and grooves via See You At The Bottom of The Lake, Thousand Deaths, If You Are (Psycho), Departure and Walk With Me correctly, tells us about how to avoid such unlucky time meeting the kinds of crazy girl with blood thirst and killer curves.

You have been warn anyway but no one knows when they remembered to forgetting the Red recording from Deepsix bad-news for man-cheats on relationship to marriage boredom hits this happening.