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The Touch Fallen Ben (NuYork Disco/Essential Media Group 2017)

   Dance the Electronic with the choice made to pick one of the finest yet not too famous then but you would find the intensive mastery of moods being compelling to once again, reborn of ideas that stuck before listening to and further more as one exploring the secret wonders of applying vibes from the House Music experts such as Chris Diodati himself giving the blending scenes over fifteen brand new compositions in accurate and compatible for reflecting the smoother and relaxing yet unified uncanny displays from the man throughout any Club-House sounds demanding the audience to addicted for more listenable and sampling mixtures of mostly instrumentals songs that kicks the corner cleans for anyone who sitting still to get up, drinking more and grabbing partners to dance on the damn floor since the play button being pressed marking the starting line-up of Bangers & Mash, Sup, 7:15 A.M onto Throw Your Hands Up, Disco Ballz and Riots In Leeds which widering the Bass Nationfor masses in capacity that never has been maximized before not by using blasting boom-bardment but via clever moves, skills for mixing the entire materials surrounds your existence and keep on believing that music is the healing power for mankind to getting well through dancing like crazy and having lots of good time went sweaty, sticky and Undisputed – thanks for the releasing of this London Essential Club – London’s Sound Of The Underground from DJ/music mixer/producer/arranger of the United Kingdom: Chris Diodati leaving us his Old-School clubbing styles.