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The Sweethearts (Bandcamp 2011)

   On The Dial fixing your yearly diets over Rock N’ Roll newer generation sharing aspects which still attached tight for the heritage lending before form the previous rock-stars onto the influential basic sounds to atmosphere while not many people listening to the old radio stations anymore due to the internet invasions then but the more mature rocking habits and tunes might easily caught there over these Boston, Massachusetts crew calling themselves a moniker namesake or less gentlemanly, reclusive Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts only for the last name and blending the creative blistering knotty ripped on AC/DC to stew twin guitar engines off Richards/Wood onto KISS-type of glam cartoon tunes as well as candy rock borrowed from catchy Cheap Trick’s catalogs comprising as the quartet of John Lynch (drums, vocals), Craig LaPointe (bass, vocals), John Blout (guitars, vocals) and Dan Kopko (vocals, guitars) that you and your older friends might heard before this but still it will be infectious and addictive to hearing for in a perfect timing on drinking, beer lunch, party boredom and lounge kissing romance for any old-fashioned people shall appreciated this stokes and solos both as well as gruff-voice that sounded tough and entertaining to rocks carried by the band – Watts on the hot dame poster and sparkles power of soulful music via Afterburn, Time to Give The Devil His Due, Dancehall Days & Nights, Girls on Holiday, No Secrets, Don’t Mind to Fight Song or She Wants to Rock – all collectively, recorded for On The Dial album. Love the black-hearted of Rock N’ Roll stuff right there ! 

On The Dial: