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The Source Arms (Not On Label 2017)

   Of strings, harmonic voices and bass-driven Indie Folk Alternative Pop over Avalon (album) but not too commercial went away from the beginning of explorations by the vessel over grief and growth as home-made original multi-layers record sessions by the pulled creative energy from MorganEve Swain doing her 5 string viola, guitar,bass, ukulele and vocals with husband David Lamb died on leukemia but the bond on them still too strong as she goes along continuing the musical expectations with Emily Dix Thomas on cello/voice, Liz Isenberg for double bass/ vocals to James Maple for the drums and Spencer Swain on electric bass/violin affiliated from around their area in Warren, Rhode Island employing Americana, Blues to Post Metal Folkish lyrical extortion through strength, love, loss and power as being shown here under the name of The Huntress and Holder of Hands where thus songs and sounds seems to be extra-ordinary but catchy like daily ordinary driven tales you always meet in lives choking memories to harmonic mellow balladry of mystical and mysterious spirits onto Borealis, Shadow of The Hunted, My Kingdom, Severed Soul as well as Shake Off Your Flesh and Etude comes and go as like autumn picturing the cover front sorrow theme as Creatures In Flight must be your phobia and images unites as one at a desperation time in wait.