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The Sacrifice Sayonara (Lakeshore Records 2008)

   Discovering the ability for being born as Jumper – David Rice can manage himself “jumping” time and space dimension to many places just as he thinking about but needs to control the learning more as he leaves Ann Arbor leaving his abusive father and girl-crush Millie until the adult years of him lavish on stole money from every targets he wants but one day Roland Cox the member of Paladins (secret society of religious fanatics) trying to capture David with electric cables as he and the team tracking down other jumpers and eliminate them as the blasphemous omnipresence. Returning back to Ann Arbor finding his girl Millie, caging the bully from their children past into bank’s vault before taking Millie to Rome as Roland discovering the story to learn more about David’s real identity. Jumper original motion picture soundtrack marked these twenty-one songs composed beautifully in suspense to threatening to excitement by John Powell starring the main character role by Hayden Christensen for telling the scenes via Splash, Bridges Rules Banking, Roland Snoops, You Hear Me Laughing onto Coliseum Tour and Echo of Mom promised the experience that the audience should gets while watching this sci-fi actions.
   A group of Paladins appear to captured David while another Jumper Griffin shows up helping him but this guy got his own plan for the payback against thus fanatics as they’re goes to Griffin hideout only to finding facts that Griffin kills and tracked more Paladins when they’re using a machine to open the jump-scar as Roland manage to kidnapping Millie, using David apartment to trap him where later David found out about his mom also a paladin as quickly, the bomb plans and the cables trapping device linking the space around David entrapped him out, mustering the strength but David giving everything he got to teleport the entire room inside the river before saving Millie and thrown Roland in the middle of nowhere outside the caves of Horseshoe Bend. Reunite with his mother and sister; David choose to jumps with Millie where nobody knowing their destine direction then.