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The Reckoning (United Artists 1978)

   As the abandoning dying planet plan on their way for this race of translucent alien creatures arrived on San Francisco to assimilated with plant leaves and forming pinky flowers and small pods waiting to find human hosts to be transforming onto the duplicates living alienated humanoids as the alien plant-like creatures coming out of the pods at night to invading crowded cities and humanity entirely on Invasion of The Body Snatchers as a remake of the previous version this time starring Donald Sutherland as Dr. Matthew Bennell, Brooke Adams (Elizabeth Driscoll) and Jeff Goldblum, Veronica Cartwright to Leonard Nimoy; when Elizabeth witnessing strange things and behaviors happened to their lives and love ones the next morning like boyfriend’s getting colder distant or only care about throwing out the trash waiting for the truck to come; psychiatrist meeting didn’t curing the depression caused by something weird like that as a man alerting about the incoming of horrible things on the street chased by more onlookers with emotionless acts chased and killed ignored by Dr. Matthew as he introducing Elizabeth to Bellicec the struggling writer while a woman screamed about her husband isn’t really him anymore caught the public attentions there before matthew takes her home. Mudbath parlour incident also showing the owner Jack soaks in one of the pond with another customers did that while another pod-plants growing nearby transforming a body as Nancy – his wife noticing but as the eyes open Jack met his same-sized duplicates having the same nose bled as soon Matthew tries to call Kibner for help on Elizabeth. Finding her semi-formed duplicate in the garden of her house, Matthew saving the real woman as the body also disappears with the police came in telling him as this situation all crazy.
   Realized that thus strange flower-plants involving with the wicked and mysteries as they almost being duplicated that night while asleep with tendrils form the pod grasping victims as creates new life-form to devoid human emotions and killed the host as the replica awakens. Being chased from there to round-up San Francisco, the four friends Matthew, Elizabeth, Jack and Nancy escaping the pod people whose shriek aloud to recognizing those whose still humans on the streets as diversion makes Matthew and Elizabeth had time to run to hiding in a health department as seeing pods distributes from there using vehicles and trucks outside knowing that the alien species surviving plans to beneficial for humans even sees a mutant man-faced dog makes Elizabeth screams after manage to hide their emotions from the pod people. The terror and the thrilling suspense filming adds by the original motion picture soundtrack by Denny Zeitlinon Jazz scoring to stage & screen Electronic/piano instrumentals orchestra conducted by Roger Kellaway along with the intricate issues, a survival journey runaway with The Discovery, Love Theme, Rescue, Inflitration (Suite) as well as Flight, Angel of Death and Amazing Grace discovering that the sleeping Elizabeth already turning to alien-things send Matthew to flee out after burning the warehouse before fell asleep and being replaced. Next morning Nancy comes out her survival hides calling Matthew who walks near barren trees – as he looks back and shrieks so loud makes the woman recoils in horror screaming ends the story …