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The Poisoned Stream (MovieScore Media 2018)

   Pilgrimage means a morality spiritual significance journey to search of something sacred for own’s belief as yet, the holy Vatican Cistercian monk being send to a remote medieval Ireland’s rural monastery where some local monks guarded precious relic of St. Matthias and undertake the pilgrimage-journey accompanied by some of the monks through the land crossing forest and rivers in order to transporting the holy relic of Christ disciple which believed to have mystical powers to burn those whom touching it with no-pure hearts and destroying the wicked as being chosen to accompanied Frere Geraldus of Rome are Brother Ciaran, novice Brother Diarmuid, a mute laborer guy with loyalty and strength and some others. The time of the crusades really makes almost everyone becoming greedy and thirsty of enemies blood just like the large caravan armed men led by Raymond in Waterford disobeying his father to securing the paths for these Pilgrimage monks to safe passes through the port and shipping to rome and wants the relic for himself in gaining fame and fortunes over the endless domestic wars before joining holy crusade to the holy land. Interesting film by Brendan Muldowney starring Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal as using many languages spoken conversations like local Irish, French and Latin as telling the desperate surviving for the left few monks guarding the miracle rock relic from the attacks of the Celt tribes, the marauders and Raymond high interest on them as one by one being executed and tortured by his brutal methods as the young innocent novice Diarmuid watched in horror.
   Dawn breaks and the situation wasn’t really good for the Pilgrimage after river crossing and miracles happening on the way; they found ferrymen to helps them crossing to the nearest port through the delta but again Raymond won’t letting them go in peace. The original motion picture soundtrack composed by Stephen McKeon shows the spiritual-related tunes by orchestral contemporary and medieval-tinged atmosphere closing in everytime you listening to as many songs like Cappadocia AD 50, The Blackest of Their Deeds/The Heretics, Arrival of The Normans/Into The Hollows. Crossfigil and Au Mordha Attack Pt. 1 as well as The lake or Judas may gets you and the rest of the dearest audience captivating to the end as the story will tells us Battle On The Beach Pt. 1 and Sacrifice over Pursuit; the secret kept by a sinned man for his past military actions in a farther land or the greedy leader or even the clean-hearted man goes on making movement to this film develops and epic soundtrack and heroic sword-fights could leaves tracks for converting followers to follow …