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The Negligence Result (Digital World Audio 2018)

   Amazing distortions and recommended beats of non-failure tempos in the midst or faster but you won’t ever regret this group for being forming as one of thus American Alternative Industrial Rock bands off Knoxville, Tennessee with their better relapsing hints towards the Heavy Metal repertoire with New Wave, Nine Inch Nails-early Kraut-Core facility and more further and darker and popular tips to any new millennium murderers and psycho-club lovers directly, became the fans and loving fanatics to tons inspirations being magnetized passes through the legends like Stabbing Westward, Black Light Burns, Puscifer, Cryogen Second and Team Cybergeist to Gravity Kills influencing the group to becoming Deconbrio as they’re given this anniversary edition of seminal work debut Obsessions Of A False Idol that perhaps, you will never heard these before. Complete reimagining as re-recorded by Danny Rendo (vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming), Ashley Fantastic (keyboards, bass), Kevin Humler (guitars, bass, keyboards) and Brad Williams (drums) via Electronic Rock or Coldwave Alternative bashing the stereo within Masquerade, The Start Of Something New, Copycat, The Deceiver, The Amalgamation and The Mistake We Embrace to A Vicious Reality goes further hurting your feelings and guts over perfections, sexist beauty faked and world completely being mad and nuts judging the imperfect people to force them to transforming lives into pile of bullshit demands of modernity.

Obsessions Of A False Idols - Anniversary Edition: