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The Lust Flies (Self-Released 2013)

   “Angeldvstrial” - if they might be called by the media or fans but the facts is this Denver-based Industrial Rock project and their genre-blend/bleeding compositions off aggressive EBM, Heavy metal harsh guitar and vocals to atmospheric experimental noises of the juggernaut drawing much comparison to other similar scenery troops of the particular underground music genre-basic like Dawn of Ashes, Wumpscut and Ministry.
   Consisted for Sean Von Hevlete, Grant “Ghul” Nachbur, Jeremy Portz and Daniel Combs and getting ranked by discogs as the best industrial album within this Decollect recording debut as Ritual Aesthetic further more opening themselves towards Ambient or Heavy Metal and evil licking good for head-banger dark-wave sensual or seductive demise sounds painting the new millennium apocalypse coming real soon and going on now. 
   Things sounded critical by wearing this massive technology and gearing up session among the living dead beats as well as horrific themes chosen beyond Orphans In Coma, Red Redeemer (Where The World Becomes Skin), Fleshing Wheel, Through The Lust of Flies and Orchid Incestus and Tender Petal brought Electronic Rock to its most dangerous level that will harming consecutive minds in minutes here …