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The Last Druid (Godreah Records 2011)

   Not perhaps, a coincidence from your Enslaved tribute recording presents for Pagan Metal influences and the written stories over legends, pride and paganism in general because the UK’s Hertfordshire in East England appearance members complete formation on Mike Lewin the bass player, James Marinos on guitars/keyboards to lead vocalist Metatron and Steve Clark behind the drum-sets begin their musical career playing this Classics Metal-Pagan and growling voices; over the battle of middle ages nations invading nations and countries divides onto civil wars for profits, religious acts, women and the worst greed of mankind across Europe.
   Tearing up the intentional versions under the ultimate debut recording called Carrion Crows Over Camlan which started the historic blood-thirsty warmongers among the Britons as King Arthur final fights against Mordred with heavily hundred armies as Excalibur battling the golden masked spells mighty and powerful trying to defeated darkness evil as your ears following the medieval mixtures sounds and Classical tunes for Heavy Metal extremity struck out strong for friends or foes within Enchanted Spirits of Warriors Slain, Lost Gods We Call Upon You, British Tribes Unite, The War Song of Beli Mawr, The Siege of Badon Hill and Ravens Over Drumonia were all tells us the facts and myths after the search of the holy grail, the round table and the codes act of chivalry broken in pieces because of the greed and sins of mankind never forgiven, never stops. The Wolves Of Avalon might no longer like you thought they’re always become; now – lord of destruction leading the nation to demise as the count-down of bloodletting of Mordred and his mother curses begin as death arriving above the remote field sang on the odes and praises. 

Carrion Crows Over Camlan: