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The Key E9PO (Not On Label 2013)

   Someone dressing up like the reminder of those anomalies tales found on google maps lately; the pigeon people is separated and here we got a seagull man breathing his Electronic experimental tunes under the moniker for Lord Scrummage the dying scene of independent Techno-Pop Rock of Detroit city as written, performing, recorded and mixed the mastering performance release in Triangle Or Die maybe advertising the existence of illuminati by surprising non-commercial tunes and the more you seeing the quartet of three white males and one single-out dark-skinned girl looks like the gang out of the purge movie well created here on the blending tunes soundscapes for Electronic experimental and Detroit Techno-Pop adding more Psychedelic Hip-Hop music and kaboom – you had the fourteen tracks available as entertaining as Choors, We All Need Honey (Facts: Sheefy McFly) onto In The Garbage, Pass Me The Pepper and Lake Cheese – weirder getting in or out by the stereo performance through groovy beats and lazy lyric flowing singing for group without carrying machete or any kinds of weapon to your front house. Meet the Vortex 8.6 Update and Outside is My Dinner (feat. Christina Ray) may sounding sexy for male audiences or the rap things are just an old tricks story from the eighties and alternate counting materials bonus-ing this record collection. 

Triangle Or Die: