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The Heretic Wrath (Metalhit 2010)

Ashburn, Virginia metallic extreme duet of Death Metal program-side darker growling experiments in the likes on gore, sexual perversions or corpses and ritual killings made by the formation of Brian Forman on drums and Mark Riddick did the most works like bashing guitars, bass, drums, and drum programming as well as vocals; in this maniac insanity works in the so-called Fetid Zombie project.

Producing this second full-length albums over this terrifying to gore-feasting elements for torture, awakening of the rotted dead and dark magic rituals for Vomiting In The Baptismal Pool which isn’t as usual holy place of river-edge to do your Christianity ritual of vows the lord obedience but a cauldron for hot noodle and skeletons mixed as the malignant putrefaction process happening to it as the giant Fetid Zombie monster consuming its favorite meals of human porridge and extra-long mutated worms for the shorter sounds of infamous devastation music soundtrack on horror and hell-bent views. Erotic Autopsy, Graced By Gore, The Saccharine Taste of Christian Faith, Throne Of Bone Fortress Of Flesh, Underground or Tapeworm Diet may continued to entertaining your brain up; enjoying the dinner of raw sinful results and forever being under the eternal unspeakable tortures practice acts there for Death Metal fanatics only to dwells. 

Vomiting In The Baptismal Pool: