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The Final Deletion (Self-Released 2018)

Thrash Metal pushing for Punk-Rock and Heavy Metal raping Hard Rock for fusion of three musician bad tempered ideas writing music and harsh lyrics as an amalgamation on influence collective primary released the concept in cinematic Progressive Metal roots or traditional attempts by Mike Cieplik on drums and percussion, Tim Wilkens for guitars/keyboards/backing vocals and Trent Zuberi on lead vocals and bass guitar features this incorporate conclusion levels of subsequent demise as HEMI proudly given this thunderous Chicago’s verses of brutal extremities sounds on Avalon the recording.

Breaking the mirror windows and kills your beloved insight with almost nothing can really stopping them from roaming the stereo; did amazing jobs over Decay, Re/Vengeance, Death Wizard and Darkhorse – means the dangerous terror lurking to find the next victim after you lending information about them so other will try to download their destructive infectious music project like package of sickness. Damn awesome – choking the masses !!!