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The Dominoes Fall (Astralwerks 2006)

   In turmoil world of fractured prolong onto civil wars, pandemic and warfare among europeans as well united states ravaging in the near future dystopian catastrophic political thrills and white supremacists ruling the united kingdom led by chancellor Adam Sutler executing undesirable imprisoned and unwanted immigrants and other religious ethnics and homosexuals or atheist onto concentration camp – only british descent and Nordic are superior. A men wearing the Guy Fawkes masked or V the vigilante has people voices carried on his back as rescuing Evey Hammond the british television network woman from secret police, watching together the demolition of old bailey – the criminal court with signature fireworks of 1812 overture that makes Scotland Yard questioning every methods to investigates and tracking down these criminals as V interrupts the national broadcast for responsible claiming but encouraging all free british citizen to rising up join the activities to abolish the government for the Guy Fawkes night onto the parliament house as being cheered out aloud by many but cops or secret police. Evey must staying there with V on his house for quite sometimes while V continues to kill without mercy Norsefire propagandist Prothero as well as Anthony Lilliman bishop of London as Evey manage to escaping to her boss place Gordon as her trusting makes him showing some subversive paintings to antique quran and homoerotic photographs when V goes to painlessly Dr. Delia Surridge whom experimented on him due to Larkhill concentration camp long time ago as V For Vendetta movie keeps maintaining the strange, erotic and sadistic anarchy-based background towards the plots.
   For the casting main figure of Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving there’s a great epic soundtrack undergoes their excellent roles and Dario Marianelli providing his works of compositions or compiling off Various Artists mixed songs both instrumentals and vocals through …Governments Should Be Afraid of Their People…, Evey’s Story, Remember Remember, Julia London’s Cry Me A River, Anthony and The Johnson for Bird Gerhl as well as Cat Power singing I Found a Reason among other Marianelli’s written orchestral music scoring. Gordon house raided by the authority and Evey throws imprisoned and tortures for telling them any kinds of information about V location but the facts is V took her back to his house disguising as the raiders to letting her free from fears using thus techniques of torture as well knowing that Deitrich being executed when the quran found by the government with confusion and hate Evey promise to come back for November fifth as stronger person. Bio-weapon program and human experiments results from the Surridge journal learned by Finch to trace the identity of V from Larkhill to William Rookwood about how Creedy the party leader releasing thus virus that killed thousands of british as outbreak framed to becomes terrorist actions as the party promised national security against the instability wins the majority of the parliament as Finch are in between disbelieves and shaken to discovers that Rookwood is the real V but his story is true. 
The avenging day comes where from every streets and corners of the country people goes out in great numbers wearing Guy Fawkes masks soon to put the authority under anarchy as shooting and killings for vandalism erupts the larger enraging mobs in the capital within the deal between V and Creedy to executes Sutler in exchange turns out to be the death for all of them and wounded V praise Evey to placing his body on the train as well thousands of Guy Fawkes masks population marches to the parliament as the military shut down knowing their leaders are dead and as the parliament destroys the wiser phrase from Evey might stuck in your head for quite sometimes – He was all of us !