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The Demogorgon (SelectaVision 2018)

   Not yet reaching the October but several nights and days we seeing much horror tense activities among our civilized society creates kinds of images and inspiring Magnus Sellergren for writing his likely closed relating ideas over trumpet or trombone soundtrack in terrifying of the 1980’s themes meeting the composer/producer from Sweden under the moniker name project of Videogram. Within these Synth-wave Electronic being influenced by John Carpenter’s Sci-Fi and ols horror movies erupting an official releases or unreleased gems for featured songs taken from everywhere and elsewhere with those Sci-Fi VHS and Synth-driven greatness products sounded eerie to creepy and suspicious as they get from the cursed vault entitled itself as Choice Cuts 2014 -2018 fits for slasher tunes and stories bleeding a lot in more mysteries, cult classics or terror nights like you can listen through Marauder Pt. 1, The Night Slasher, Death Riders 2096, Ki-Ki-Mah, Le Erotici Notti di Emmanuelle, Test Subject 011 (Alt.Mix) to Camp Blood and I Warned You Not To Go Out Tonightcelebrates the fulfillment for the thirst over horror addictions in many cultures and audience pleasure needed.

Instrumentally, hideous and psychotic soften …